Lack of downtown traffic information on local radio

When it comes to commuting to and from work I have been very lucky. I have always worked within walking distance, or, when the weather was inclement, easy access to public transit. Therefore, radio traffic reports have played a very small part in my getting around town.

However, there are times when I do find myself in our car in the downtown area. Often, my wife picks me up on her way home from school, and we have to navigate Montreal’s downtown traffic mayhem. Yesterday, for example, there was a major fire that closed a principal downtown street (CTV News photo above) used by thousands of motorists to egress the city. As we circumnavigated the fire, following the flashing police cars indicating which way to go, a traffic report aired on the radio. As we inched our way along, the traffic reporter spoke of volume on bridges and highways but made absolutely no mention of the snarl in the downtown core.

I’m not suggesting the focus be solely on downtown, but I have to believe there is time for the occasional update

How can this be? These reports are quarter-hourly – every fifteen minutes – is it not conceivable that those of us downtown could be informed of traffic situations? With all the construction sites causing traffic havoc, it seems to me it is more important than ever to inform drivers about the downtown situation. Frankly, I couldn’t care less how blocked a bridge is, nor what volume of cars are present on an east-end highway. Traffic conditions off the island? Not doing anything for me.

I’m not suggesting the focus be solely on downtown, but I have to believe there is time for the occasional update.

Or perhaps, when it comes to traffic, they’ve just written off downtown altogether.

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