Protests for beginners

Back in the sixties protests were all the rage. I was but a child, so I missed the opportunity to participate in these protests. Anti-racism, anti-Vietnam war, anti-pollution, anti-capitalism; all sorts of angst was expressed in the streets of cities around the world. Were these peaceful gatherings successful? If the goal was to bring problemsContinue reading “Protests for beginners”

An Ode to Bussers and Dishwashers

If you know me or have read this blog over the years, you will no doubt be aware of my fondness for bars. Not only bars but those who tend them. My appreciation of bartenders, true artists, negates my ever trying to have a go at mixology. I’m doing just fine on this side ofContinue reading “An Ode to Bussers and Dishwashers”

Montreal’s Post WW2 Housing Crunch

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in many parts of the world. As my mother is only a few years gone, I don’t need a special day to think about her. One of her great pleasures as she aged was a Sunday evening drive; particularly one that brought her through streets rich in memories for her. SheContinue reading “Montreal’s Post WW2 Housing Crunch”

Please Shelve Bread Crumbs With the Bread

While the universe is wrapped up in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I believe the time has come to tackle a more pressing issue; grocery store product placement.  In our busy world grocery shopping has become merely a weekly replenishing of basic necessities rather than the more sociable daily visits to butchers and bakers onceContinue reading “Please Shelve Bread Crumbs With the Bread”

Dogs on Public Transit; What Could Go Wrong?

Montreal’s official opposition party Ensemble Montréal is planning to table a motion that would call for dogs to be allowed on the city’s public transit. Obviously, service dogs are currently welcome, but this new concept would allow all leashed dogs to ride the system. It seems that other cities, including Toronto, have had positive experiencesContinue reading “Dogs on Public Transit; What Could Go Wrong?”

A Leprechroon’s Irish Superstitions

My maternal Great-grandparents were both born in Dublin, Ireland around 1857. My Great-grandfather Matthew moved to London, established himself, and returned to Dublin to marry his sweetheart my Great-grandmother. As was the case with many Irish at the time, not long after they married in the 1880s they emigrated to England and started their family,Continue reading “A Leprechroon’s Irish Superstitions”

My Grandmother Madge, St Patrick’s Day, and Colcannon

I often think of my maternal grandmother, Madge, particularly around this time of year. She was born in London, England within a few years of her parents emigrating from Dublin, Ireland. As such, on ‘paper’ she was 100% English, yet she never forgot that the blood that coursed through her veins was pure Irish. InContinue reading “My Grandmother Madge, St Patrick’s Day, and Colcannon”

Epaper or Hardcopy: It’s all about access

I love newspapers. In fact, I am a news junkie in general but have always loved the local coverage of my world found in my local newspaper. In my case that is the Montreal Gazette. I held out for a long time, but several years ago I gave in and switched to the epaper version.Continue reading “Epaper or Hardcopy: It’s all about access”

Backpacks on Buses – Bring Back Briefcases

In the carrying-out of my daily affairs, I don’t have need of public transit very often, opting to walk as often as possible. Although there have been periods in my life when I was a regular strap-hanger. During a recent cold snap, I did avail myself of the warmth of Montreal’s Metro. It was theContinue reading “Backpacks on Buses – Bring Back Briefcases”

How Do Costa Rican Motorcyclists Survive?

During my second trip to Costa Rica to visit in-laws over the holidays, I could not help but consider yet again how it can be possible that any motorcycle riders survive the roads and traffic. Those of us who are used to more recent urbanization, including streets set out in a grid formation, are atContinue reading “How Do Costa Rican Motorcyclists Survive?”