Lack of downtown traffic information on local radio

When it comes to commuting to and from work I have been very lucky. I have always worked within walking distance, or, when the weather was inclement, easy access to public transit. Therefore, radio traffic reports have played a very small part in my getting around town. However, there are times when I do findContinue reading “Lack of downtown traffic information on local radio”

How Do Costa Rican Motorcyclists Survive?

During my second trip to Costa Rica to visit in-laws over the holidays, I could not help but consider yet again how it can be possible that any motorcycle riders survive the roads and traffic. Those of us who are used to more recent urbanization, including streets set out in a grid formation, are atContinue reading “How Do Costa Rican Motorcyclists Survive?”

Traffic Reporters – Please Don’t Forget Downtown

At this time of a normal year I often feel sorry for radio traffic reporters. During most holiday seasons there is significantly less traffic volume, leading to traffic reporters trying to fill-in the couple of minutes allotted them, four times an hour. Add to these annual year-end doldrums the current pandemic lockdown, and the streetsContinue reading “Traffic Reporters – Please Don’t Forget Downtown”

Will Driverless Cars Reduce Or Increase Traffic?

The futuristic-sounding driverless cars as in the news a lot lately. It seems everybody and his aunt is involved in the race to replace drivers with cars that conduct themselves. Proponents of autonomous cars would have you believe that they will be commonplace on our roads in just a few years. That may be true,Continue reading “Will Driverless Cars Reduce Or Increase Traffic?”

The More Detours; the More Geniuses on the Roads

On her first day back at school late last August, after meeting with her fellow teachers and going through umpteen administrative chore my wife was driving home when she was involved in one of those chain-reaction accidents. Fortunately the traffic was heavy and therefore not moving too fast. Nonetheless the car behind my wife wasContinue reading “The More Detours; the More Geniuses on the Roads”

Roundabouts: Cute in Song, Annoying in Practice

Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray – Penny Lane by Lennon/McCartney The United Kingdom has been using traffic roundabouts in place of traffic lights for decades. The idea is that by merging with other cars in a circular manner and “getting off” atContinue reading “Roundabouts: Cute in Song, Annoying in Practice”

Downtown Montreal on a Precipice; Hope it Doesn’t Snow

I recall that it was only in the aftermath of the 1998 ice storm that we learned just how close Montreal had come to a total power outage that may have required the evacuation of the island. I imagine there must have been some very tense moments for the powers that be at Hydro Québec.Continue reading “Downtown Montreal on a Precipice; Hope it Doesn’t Snow”

Covered Detour Signs: What Fresh Hell is This?

Much like an occupying army, those ubiquitous orange traffic cones arrive under cover of darkness. Bleary-eyed citizens awake to find their street festooned with a veritable battalion of orange and black striped cones indicating upcoming road work and traffic problems. But an even more egregious omen of traffic mayhem is installed in broad daylight. TheContinue reading “Covered Detour Signs: What Fresh Hell is This?”

Montreal Road Closures: Simplified Signage

While undertaking major infrastructure work, Montreal has been forced to close certain roads and highways for varying lengths of time. Coupled with  what seems like an endless amount of road repair work the city has finally realised that the way to save a few bucks on signage is to use the one below. DCMontreal –Continue reading “Montreal Road Closures: Simplified Signage”