Forecasters get northeast storm warning right; Mother Nature’s timing is great!


Metro Montréal – Laval
4:32 AM EST Thursday 27 December 2012
Winter storm warning for
Metro Montréal – Laval continued

A total of 20 to 45 cm (8 – 18 inches) of snow is expected in these regions.

Visibilities will be strongly reduced in heavy snow and blowing snow.

An important low pressure system near New Jersey is tracking northeastward and will reach Nova Scotia Friday. The snow associated with this system is already falling on Southern Quebec and it will spread to the Gaspé Peninsula this evening. Significant snowfall amounts are expected in several regions of Quebec today and tomorrow. General snowfall amounts between 20 and 45 cm are expected, but regions south of the St Lawrence could receive up to 50 cm locally today.

Meanwhile, strong northeasterly winds will intensify as this system approaches. These winds, combined with snow at times heavy, will significantly reduce visibilities in blowing snow, giving treacherous road conditions.

After numerous Montreal area warnings,watches and alerts that never really developed into any significant weather, and just when you thought you couldn’t trust anyone to be sensible anymore, along comes Mother Nature with a whack of snow. Not that the snow  itself is significant, after all this is Canada. But the fact that Mother Nature waited until all the Christmas shopping was done, even the Boxing Day madness is over – with very little snow this allowed us to move about easily on dry surfaces and in malls without huge coats – schools are closed, and, I think it fair to say that those who do have to work during the week between Christmas and New Years may display a tiny lack of production. So, if you’re going to have a storm, two days after Christmas would probably be the ideal day to do it. And what do you know? Here it is.

If you live in the Northeast, please do try not to drive today.

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2 thoughts on “Forecasters get northeast storm warning right; Mother Nature’s timing is great!

  1. I just came back from out there and it’s true, driving is real bad. I took a few shots of course and I think I will head back out a bit later. The storm is forecast to last for many more hours. Happy shooting!

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