Forty-five years ago today was Westmount Day at EXPO 67

Forty-five years ago today, October 17, 1967, was Westmount Day at EXPO 67. The City had spent the princely sum of $135,000 to sponsor the Plaza of the Universe at EXPO 67.

Montreal The Gazette March 21, 1967

The celebrations began at the Fair site and  continued in Westmount Park later in the day and into the evening. Although it was just a few days before the World’s Fair closed having had a surprising record breaking summer, I can remember as a young boy the excitement in the community.

Westmount Examiner October 19, 1967

The day itself, as I recall, was dull, cool and rainy but that didn’t keep too many people inside especially when the fireworks began. What was then the football field (now it would be more accurate to refer to it as the soccer field) in Westmount Park was the scene of the festivities.

The back of the main panel with the Canadian Centennial Maple Leaf
The Westmount Centennial Monument

The focal point of the evening was the official presentation of the Centennial Monument to the City of Westmount. It was a gift from the 3rd Field Engineer Regiment which has long been domiciled in the Hillside Armoury. Work had been carried out for most of the summer and the monument was ready to go on the 17th. Aside from the panels representing the provinces and territories there was a flagpole and Canadian flag. For many years that flag was taken down in the evenings and raised every morning as was the custom then. Today a flag still flies over the monument.

Hillside Armoury
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