The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood

At one time the suggestion that soccer would usurp softball as the sport of choice for boys and girls during the summer would have been met with derisive chuckles. Yet there it is. With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil wrapping up this weekend much has have been written and said about the state ofContinue reading “The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood”

Summer Sounds: Birds, Lizards and Chain Saws

Nothing is finer than waking up to the sounds of early summer: a whole mess of birds chirping and calling, squirrels shouting at each other, the occasional cat howling, early morning dog walkers greeting each other. The lilt of the breeze through windows that are wide-open as the air-conditioner, which has been installed, is notContinue reading “Summer Sounds: Birds, Lizards and Chain Saws”

Winter road salt trucks and safety

Recently I posted about that great Canadian winter icon the snowblower. In a similar vein CBC did a piece on a City of Westmount salt truck. I believe the aim of the item was the safety features that these large trucks now feature. Following the tragic accident in December of 2005 in which a 21-yearContinue reading “Winter road salt trucks and safety”

Forty-five years ago today was Westmount Day at EXPO 67

Forty-five years ago today, October 17, 1967, was Westmount Day at EXPO 67. The City had spent the princely sum of $135,000 to sponsor the Plaza of the Universe at EXPO 67. The celebrations began at the Fair site and  continued in Westmount Park later in the day and into the evening. Although it wasContinue reading “Forty-five years ago today was Westmount Day at EXPO 67”