NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?

If you ask me, and no one has, just leave the damned game tied. Give each team a point and go home. It worked for donkey’s years. However, if you must decide a game, if a clear winner and loser is your desire, then please decide the game by playing the game, not just oneContinue reading “NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?”

Montreal should follow Glasgow’s lead and take potholes seriously

After an interminably long stretch of very cold weather, Montreal’s temperature has become more pleasant, not exactly balmy, but at least the Celsius thermometer now shows some plus readings after weeks of -17 and lower. Montrealers know that this is just a short respite from the cold; call it a January thaw in February, andContinue reading “Montreal should follow Glasgow’s lead and take potholes seriously”