Advertisements Disguised as News Items

While skimming over the news on my PC, as is my wont, I came upon the page below from Yahoo! News. At first glance it appears to offer bite-size bits of articles with the option to click on them for the full story. But have a look at the third “article”. It is not aContinue reading “Advertisements Disguised as News Items”

Dear John Letter to My Yahoo!

Dear My Yahoo!, It is after many sleepless nights and much consideration, and with heavy heart that I write this, but as is the case with giving up smoking, I understand there is never a good time to break up. It seems there‚Äôs always a birthday or a holiday, a party or an event comingContinue reading “Dear John Letter to My Yahoo!”

My Yahoo! Updated but I can’t switch back if it’s not for me

Given the opportunity outlined in today’s Daily Prompt: Standstill I’d switch back to the old My Yahoo! Ever since I started using the Internet on a regular basis, about a dozen years ago or so, My Yahoo! and I have been good buddies. My Yahoo! is still the first thing that pops up on myContinue reading “My Yahoo! Updated but I can’t switch back if it’s not for me”