Permission To Marry

One hundred years ago this weekend, Saturday, November 23, 1918, my maternal grandfather, recovering in England from wounds sustained in September during the Second Battle of Arras, was ‘granted permission to marry at public expense”. I imagine that were he alive today he may point out that although it did not cost him anything toContinue reading “Permission To Marry”

Tell Me The World Isn’t Going To Hell In A Handcart … Please

One hundred years ago the world was slipping into a vortex that has been called The Great War and the War to end all wars. Some thirty years later it would come to be called by its more common name, the First World War, or WWI. Seemingly relatively small events in eastern Europe – primarilyContinue reading “Tell Me The World Isn’t Going To Hell In A Handcart … Please”

First World War Ring Stolen

I came across an interesting article online about a piece of family history that was stolen. In 1916 Richard Collins died from a head wound suffered during the Battle of the Somme. His ring was cut from his finger and returned to his family with his other personal items. The ring was passed down andContinue reading “First World War Ring Stolen”

Feuding Neighbors Create “Sno-Man’s” Land

During World War One – the Great War – trench warfare was the order of the day. Long muddy trenches formed the front lines of battle as bombs fell and occasional forays were launched from both sides. One-hundred years ago the combatants were dug-in and engaged in deadly fighting.  The strip of land that ranContinue reading “Feuding Neighbors Create “Sno-Man’s” Land”