Second World War bombs still killing

In the German town of Euskirchen, situated in North Rhine-Westphalia, a construction worker  using a digger unearthed one of the many unexploded bombs that were dropped during World War Two. Sadly this one exploded, killing the driver and seriously injuring two of his colleagues. The blast blew out windows and caused damage to streets inContinue reading “Second World War bombs still killing”

Modern Venezuela and Wartime London; coping with shortages

The situation is bad and getting worse. A woman runs a small luncheon restaurant that has been doing very well but now faces problems because of difficulty obtaining sufficient supplies. Milk, sugar, flour are all in short supply in her city, which is the country’s capital. Word had made it to the cash area thatContinue reading “Modern Venezuela and Wartime London; coping with shortages”

Dieppe Raid 70th anniversary

Canada has a long and honorable history of military action: including both World Wars and numerous peace keeping missions around the world. But perhaps the two most important events were the Battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917 (at which my grandfather fought) and the Dieppe Raid on this day in 1942. Today’s The Gazette hasContinue reading “Dieppe Raid 70th anniversary”