Canadians: Nudes and Prudes

According to a new poll from the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), Canadians are loosening up when it comes to getting starkers. The FCN surveyed 1,015 Canadians aged 18 and over about their experience and attitude toward nudity and naturism, a followup to a survey the group conducted in 1999. … (when) Musique Plus, firstContinue reading “Canadians: Nudes and Prudes”

Report Card Angst

As we angle in on the end of yet another school year I can’t help but be impressed by the approach taken by current educators to ensure that students enjoy the season, even after a long tiring year. My significantly better half, a seasoned teacher herself, tells me of the enjoyable activities and positivity thatContinue reading “Report Card Angst”

My Grandfather’s Lexicon

I’ve always liked the word lexicon, defined as the vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject. I wonder if the words and terms used by denizens of Guadalajara make up a Mexicon? Or if those witty utterances of the wee lucky green people from Ireland constitute a Lexichaun? IfContinue reading “My Grandfather’s Lexicon”

Field Trips or Outings?

It is my belief that one’s sexual orientation is entirely one’s own business. No prejudice or discrimination should ever come to bear whether one is L, G, B, T or S. Likewise I believe one’s choice to make their sexual orientation public or not should rest entirely with the individual. Therefore you will understand myContinue reading “Field Trips or Outings?”

Awesome Daily Post

Is there a word that is over used you ask in today’s awesome Daily Post. Awesome question. It deserves an awesome answer. The word that irks me no end is awesome! It’s everywhere all the time. Nothing is good or great or splendid, nope, awesome or nothing. And as these awesome buzz words go, awesomeContinue reading “Awesome Daily Post”

World Cup 2014: The Silliness of the Own Goal

Well the first day of World Cup 2014 in Brazil is into the record books and we already have the first example of why North Americans have a bit of trouble with the beautiful game at this level. I specify at this level because there is no doubt that the number of kids playing soccerContinue reading “World Cup 2014: The Silliness of the Own Goal”

World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!

What in the name of St. Pele has FIFA gone and done? Amid never-ending accusations of match-fixing, FIFA has action by banning the use of vuvuzelas at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In an attempt to maintain a ”Stadium Code of Conduct”, these noise makers that were so popular four years ago in SouthContinue reading “World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!”

Homeless Deterrent Spikes Removed. Montreal Mayor Acts Fast. Potholes Next?!?

Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre , with whom I continue to be impressed, showed once again yesterday that he is a man of the people. When it was brought to his attention that “anti-homeless” devices had been installed outside some stores on one of the city’s main shopping streets he was irate, and ordered their immediateContinue reading “Homeless Deterrent Spikes Removed. Montreal Mayor Acts Fast. Potholes Next?!?”

Quebec Helicopter Prison Escape Take Two

“Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me.” Chinese proverb “Now, if I had the wings of an angel, Over these prison walls I would fly.” Bill Monroe, The Prisoner’s Song For the second time in less than two years prisoners have made good an escape attempt from a Quebec penitentiaryContinue reading “Quebec Helicopter Prison Escape Take Two”

Abdicating Monarchs: Butterflies and Others

While sitting at my computer one morning last week I experienced one of those annoying flicking, twitching nerves in the corner of my eye. Being severely myopic and therefore susceptible to retinal detachment, I am always very attentive to these things as I understand peripheral flashing lights are a symptom of detachment. The movement continuedContinue reading “Abdicating Monarchs: Butterflies and Others”