Today I Am My Father’s Age

Originally posted June 2014 Today, June 4, 2022, is the 45th anniversary of my father’s passing in 1977. With that in mind, I am reposting a piece I wrote eight years ago to mark the day I ‘out-lived’ him. Today I am the exact age my father was when he passed away. Tomorrow I will beContinue reading “Today I Am My Father’s Age”

Montreal’s Post WW2 Housing Crunch

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in many parts of the world. As my mother is only a few years gone, I don’t need a special day to think about her. One of her great pleasures as she aged was a Sunday evening drive; particularly one that brought her through streets rich in memories for her. SheContinue reading “Montreal’s Post WW2 Housing Crunch”

COVID’s moving front line

The COVID19 pandemic has thrust some people, some positions, onto the front lines. These positions, such as shelf-stocker, usually required a minimal amount of social interaction. Traditionally the term front line workers referred to doctors, nurses, indeed most medical workers, police, firefighters and, other life-and-death professionals. Now, because the front line itself has been movedContinue reading “COVID’s moving front line”

Odd cheer for classic country lyric

According to Wikipedia, Country is a genre of popular music that originated with blues, church music such as Southern gospel and spirituals, old-time, and American folk music forms including Appalachian, Cajun, Creole, and the cowboy Western music styles of New Mexico, Red Dirt, Tejano, and Texas country. Growing up, it was referred to as CountryContinue reading “Odd cheer for classic country lyric”

Kamikaze food delivery

While many, if not most, industries have taken it on the chin during the pandemic, there are a few that actually flourished. Chief among them is the food delivery business. Certainly, the concept of home delivery was around long before COVID19, but with restaurants closed to in-house dining, the only hope of survival was take-outContinue reading “Kamikaze food delivery”

Justify My Text

WordPress has introduced yet another version of the Block Editor. I have not been a fan of the concept from the beginning, but I thought I’d see it through and continue with the new version rather than seek shortcuts to get back to my comfort zone. But I like the look of the two neatContinue reading “Justify My Text”

Nothing Etched In Stone

There was a time when certain things were absolute. No haggling, no bargaining, no grey areas. Black and white. While of course other things were more fluid, shifting, not absolute. If you were born with a whatzit, you were a whozit For example let’s consider the notion of senior citizens. At one time the ageContinue reading “Nothing Etched In Stone”

Sorry, But We Canadians Do Not Apologize Too Much

Reissued for Canada Day Weekend 2019 This post was linked to by CNN to explain the backhanded apologies of some Canadians! Sorry, I didn’t realize you are a total arsehole unable to function in normal society It is often said that we Canadians are polite to a fault.  As a Canadian I would suggest, but certainlyContinue reading “Sorry, But We Canadians Do Not Apologize Too Much”

Major Glitch With Gutenberg Editor

I little while back I sat down to write a blog post and was faced with the chance to switch to the new editor. Thinking erroneously that I could take it for a test drive then switch back if I wanted, I went ahead and agreed to give it a try. At first IContinue reading “Major Glitch With Gutenberg Editor”

Tardiness Is Stealing My Time

Appointment: A fixed mutual agreement for a meeting set for a specific time or place. The definition above, from, sums up nicely the concept of an appointment. If only the medical profession could get a grip on this. Yesterday I dropped by a local medical imaging place to see about making an appointment for my mother. At 89 and with mobility issues just showing up and takingContinue reading “Tardiness Is Stealing My Time”