WordPress Raises Bloggers’ Hackles

Well isn’t this just grand? I’m composing this little treatise using the old WordPress editor. Much like returning to one’s own bed after a few days away, there’s no place like home. I know my way around this editor, how to set a post to be published later, how to copy a post so IContinue reading “WordPress Raises Bloggers’ Hackles”

Wacky World of WordPress Stats

And the wacky world of WordPress statistics continues … Earlier this week I pointed out that according to the stats page my readership had dropped like a lead balloon. I was relieved to find out that many fellow bloggers are experiencing similar problems and have brought the situation to the attention of WordPress. Today IContinue reading “Wacky World of WordPress Stats”

Odd WordPress Statistics

I was just wondering if any other WordPress.com users had ever experienced the odd drop in views that seems to have occurred to my blog some hours ago.  As the graphic below indicates, things were moving along swimmingly until something happened and a cliff appears where a peak or glen should be. Did a largeContinue reading “Odd WordPress Statistics”

Dear WordPress.com, Please Fix Your iPad App

Dear WordPress.com, I’ve got a bone to pick with you! As fine a blogging platform as WordPress.com is, the WordPress.com iPad app falls short of what one would expect from WordPress.com I have been using your blogging platform for some two-and-a-half years now. I’ve published over a thousand individual posts. It is a wonderful applicationContinue reading “Dear WordPress.com, Please Fix Your iPad App”

WordPress.com: Have I been deemed a blogguard?

I’m having a WordPress.com problem; I am posting about it because all other attempts to solve it have been met with almost Kafkaesque wackiness! Blackguard: a:a rude or unscrupulous person b: a person who uses foul or abusive language — black·guard·ism noun — black·guard·ly adjective or adverb                                         – Merriam-Webster Blogguard a:a rude or unscrupulousContinue reading “WordPress.com: Have I been deemed a blogguard?”