Montreal: There Was a Whole Bunch of Snow, Someone Must be Fired

Earlier this week Montreal was smacked with a late winter snowstorm. On this occasion the meteorologists’ predictions, forecasts and warnings were bang on as the city was blanketed under some 40 centimetres – almost 16 inches – of snow. There was a whole bunch of snow. Others are parking the blame (pun fully intended) squarelyContinue reading “Montreal: There Was a Whole Bunch of Snow, Someone Must be Fired”

Polar Vortex: Winter Driving Dos and Don’ts

This weekend yet another large winter storm, a nor’easter in fact, made its way, appropriately, both north and east causing much havoc to holiday travelers. At one point CNN reported that 100 million people were in the storm’s path. Although we are in the north-east of North America, here in Montreal we were spared allContinue reading “Polar Vortex: Winter Driving Dos and Don’ts”

Daily Prompt: Happy Me Day

Today’s Daily Prompt is all about that special holiday called “You Day”. Well what a coincidence! Because today is “Me Day”. On this day elves, gnomes, and people of all shapes and sizes show up with shovels and dig out my car that has been buried under a whole whack of snow. Happy Me DayContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Happy Me Day”