Snow is Inconvenient; But Cold Hurts!

As a blast of arctic air envelopes Montreal to start the week, the age-old debate arises. On buses, subways, on radio and in bars and cafes the discussion can be overheard: extreme cold vs. extreme snow. Certainly no one wants both, but given the choice which would you prefer. But most of all, cold friggin’Continue reading “Snow is Inconvenient; But Cold Hurts!”

Lance Armstrong, Johnny Carson and Montreal’s wacky weather

As the graphics below show, the wacky weather conditions continue in the northeast of North America. Today’s forecast for Montreal calls for a windchill in the area of – 30 degrees Celsius. Yet by tomorrow we’re supposed to be back above 0°C with snow. And what do you know, after a couple of days above freezing weContinue reading “Lance Armstrong, Johnny Carson and Montreal’s wacky weather”