Bomb Cyclone Has To Be Punishment

At some point along the way, we folks in the eastern part of North America must have done something very bad. It is the only viable option to explain the recent weather conditions. Never mind all that meteorological mumbo-jumbo, the only explanation is that the weather gods are pissed big time at us. As ifContinue reading “Bomb Cyclone Has To Be Punishment”

Hey Weather Network, Quebec is Part of Canada

We have one of those televisions that allow you to customize certain aspects. For instance the start up channel can be programmed to a favourite. Turning on my mother’s television brings you to CNN, as that is what she watches most. In my house my fiancée – aka my significantly better half – has arrangedContinue reading “Hey Weather Network, Quebec is Part of Canada”

Melancholy Christmas Tree

There’s something sad about a Christmas Tree in the rain. Our unusually warm temperatures are saving us from the snow, but I fear we will pay for it come spring. DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and aContinue reading “Melancholy Christmas Tree”

Montreal’s Mysterious Green Light: No Doubt Robin Williams Having Fun With A Laser Pointer

A recent Montreal weather report featured more than just isobars and cold fronts. Seen in the background of the video of TVA weather specialist Colette Provencher is an unexplained descending ball of green light. According to  Lunar Meteorite Hunters there have been reports of sightings of the ball of light down the Eastern seaboard, including Quebec, Ontario, Connecticut,Continue reading “Montreal’s Mysterious Green Light: No Doubt Robin Williams Having Fun With A Laser Pointer”

Montreal’s First Heat Wave Arrives

From a few months ago, here’s my heat wave potion! Montrealers are gearing-up for the first serious heat wave of the summer. Over the next few days temperatures will hit the upper thirties Celsius and the humidity will kick-in to make it feel like 40°C or about 105°F.  Cicadas will be singing, swimming pools willContinue reading “Montreal’s First Heat Wave Arrives”

Montreal’s blustery conditions are the mother of invention: Parka hood mirrors

With our recent very blustery weather I have taken to wearing a coat with a hood. This wonderful invention creates a cocoon-like protection from the wind as the hood extends the face. But it also reduces one’s peripheral vision to virtually nil. Crossing busy Montreal streets that are ice and snow-covered while the wind whizzes through your sinusesContinue reading “Montreal’s blustery conditions are the mother of invention: Parka hood mirrors”