Hiccups as Torture

The topic of waterboarding was in the news a few years ago. This method of extracting information from suspected terrorists – otherwise known as torture – has its critics. Many see it as cruel and unusual punishment, while others consider it an effective means of saving lives. It is a form of water torture inContinue reading “Hiccups as Torture”

Running With EarPods Akin to Waterboarding

Although we had an easy winter, Mother Nature’s last few kicks at the can left many Montrealers worrying that spring would never arrive. But it did, as it has, to varying degrees, pretty much every year. For me the raison d’etre of running is to work up a good sweat. Exuding  all those toxins (read:Continue reading “Running With EarPods Akin to Waterboarding”

Facebook’s Star Chamber Keeping Me In Limbo

A few days ago I posted about my Facebook woes. Because my name was the name of my blog, in their infinite wisdom they have barred me from accessing my account unless and until I provide them with my ‘real’ name and submit appropriate proof thereof. I hope they draw the line a thumbscrews andContinue reading “Facebook’s Star Chamber Keeping Me In Limbo”