Is Volkswagen Ad With Willie Nelson Driving a Good Idea?

I seem to be riding an advertising hobby-horse lately, must be watching too much television. My gripe today is with a Volkswagen Passat ad that has been getting a lot of play recently. Is it such a good idea to show an automobile being driven by an octogenarian who is a strong proponent of theContinue reading “Is Volkswagen Ad With Willie Nelson Driving a Good Idea?”

Brampton House Party Gets Out of Hand

At least Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who is allegedly in rehab, can’t be blamed for this; Police bust massive house party in Brampton after 1,500 teens show up. Not exactly what one expects from a Toronto suburb, but with social media anything is possible. In excess of 60 police cars arrived on the scene toContinue reading “Brampton House Party Gets Out of Hand”