Venezuelan Violence Stems from Corruption

Corruption leads to short-cuts; why worry about renewing your driver’s license when you can just pay-off any cop who stops you. Over the years it appears that various Latin-American countries have vied for the title of most violent. It used to be Columbia’s dubious title when the drug cartels were running things. The Medellín CartelContinue reading “Venezuelan Violence Stems from Corruption”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Looney Toons, movies and violence

Regarding the question posed in this week’s writing challenge: Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? I am of the opinion that those with violent tendencies are going to act-out regardless of their viewing habits. Perhaps it’s a chicken-and-egg situation; do those with violent leanings watch more violent films, or do theContinue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Looney Toons, movies and violence”