Valérie Plante: Not Your Typical Mayor

When Montrealers elected Valérie Plante as our first female mayor last November there was much excitement. Not just because of her gender, but because she was a new voice. Her predecessor, Denis Coderre, had ruled in a very heavy-handed manner. Making many decisions that would come back to sting him and ultimately lead to hisContinue reading “Valérie Plante: Not Your Typical Mayor”

Green Line Before Pink Line

Dear Mayor Plante, In the months since your election last fall I think it fair to say things have been a bit rough for you. Not because you canceled the Formula E race and not because you axed a few big projects that would have cost millions (frankly the way climate change is affecting ourContinue reading “Green Line Before Pink Line”

Pit Bull Plays Key Role in Election

Last Sunday Montrealers elected a new mayor. Unseating the incumbent and electing the first woman mayor in the city’s history caused an upheaval at City Hall. The mayor-elect is an animal lover and therefore many pit bull owners will be pleased with her election as the contentious breed-specific ban must surely be doomed. The photoContinue reading “Pit Bull Plays Key Role in Election”