Obama and Romney sprint to the finish; a media feeding frenzy

On this last Sunday before the US election the media is abuzz with final appeals and explanations from both candidates. Two such articles that caught my attention are Andres Oppenheimer’s column in the Miami Herald, 10 reasons why Latinos will vote for Obama and Drew Westen’s opinion piece in The New York Times, America‚Äôs LeftwardContinue reading “Obama and Romney sprint to the finish; a media feeding frenzy”

Obama needs debate coaching from hockey greats

The first of three presidential candidate debates is now in the books and, as I mentioned earlier, the debates are a critical element of the US election campaign process. While there may not have been a knock-out punch thrown, there were enough points scored by Mitt Romney to give him some momentum heading into theContinue reading “Obama needs debate coaching from hockey greats”

United States and Venezuela: contrasting election campaigns

The US election in just over a month is the focal point of the media. The election of the “leader of the free world” is of interest to all and certainly needs to be monitored closely. But another important election will be held this Sunday in Venezuela; will Hugo Chavez retain his presidency after 14Continue reading “United States and Venezuela: contrasting election campaigns”