Impeachment: too many politicians and not enough statesmen

While working on my computer yesterday I put CNN on the television. I don’t usually do that, but I wanted to watch the impeachment shenanigans as they unfolded. As a Canadian, it really is none of my business, but I hope you will indulge me as I express my opinion. In a word: Bullshit …Continue reading “Impeachment: too many politicians and not enough statesmen”

Mistakes: Surgical and Terrorist

Mistakes, like accidents, happen. No amount of preparation, care and concentration can guarantee that mistakes will not occur so long as it is a human carrying out the task. When mistakes are made in very public instances it is not uncommon to hear someone state that ‘mistakes just can’t happen under these circumstances’. Well, theyContinue reading “Mistakes: Surgical and Terrorist”

Government backed tax boycott would guarantee full coffers

As a casual observer of my neighbours to the south I am often taken aback by some of their ways. That the biggest, strongest, most economically and militarily powerful country in the world can screech to a halt over partisan political bickering is almost unfathomable! Yet there it is in living color and high-definition, givingContinue reading “Government backed tax boycott would guarantee full coffers”

Syria’s chemical weapons create job openings

Now that the diplomats are close to an agreement that would see Syria turn over its chemical weapon stockpile, the hard part begins. Step one is finding someone to do it. I suggest the following advertisement. This bit of satire fits in well with today’s Daily Prompt. DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raisedContinue reading “Syria’s chemical weapons create job openings”

Lottery Winning Angst

Like many people, millions in fact, I am a regular lottery player. A couple of times a week I plunk down a few bucks for a chance to cash-in big. Nothing ridiculous, not a whole paycheck, just a bit of a flutter if you will. As they say, if you play the lotto your chancesContinue reading “Lottery Winning Angst”

Memorial Day long weekend: US still a no-vacation nation

As May rolls into June and, hopefully, the weather improves, the school year comes to an end and people need a battery recharge.  Thoughts turn to vacations and general down-time. For some those thoughts have already become plans and itineraries that have been worked on all winter. Others prefer to do things off the cuff,Continue reading “Memorial Day long weekend: US still a no-vacation nation”