Tax return trickery

The Quebec student protest/strike/tuition increase is back in the news today. In Karen Seidman’s article in The Gazette (The forgotten detail of tuition dispute) she points out that the amount of the annual increase proposed over the next seven years by the Liberals comes to $171.39 when you factor in the tax breaks given toContinue reading “Tax return trickery”

No, the army has not been called in….

Rumours abound about the army being called kin to quell the nightly student destruction! So far they have all been easily dispelled, including one film set! The appearance of the army on streets in most North American cities, other than providing disaster relief as was the case in the Ice Storm of 1998 is aContinue reading “No, the army has not been called in….”

Montreal bans masks at protests

The latest development in the never-ending student situation in Quebec is a new law banning masks at protests as reported in The Gazette. I always like to read the comments left by others to get a bit of a feel for the issue and this article is no different. It is worth sifting through theContinue reading “Montreal bans masks at protests”

Never ending Quebec student situation

The apparently never ending Quebec student strike/boycott is front and center in the news yet again today. I sense fatigue setting in on the part of the general public – and certainly Mayor Tremblay is exasperated. I hope some sanity can be restored before something drastic occurs. Related articles Mob rule or student strike? ( reading “Never ending Quebec student situation”

Do the protesters care about real democracy?

Here is a really good editorial from today’s The Gazette. As is the case with most newspapers, sometimes you agree with the position of the editorial board and sometimes you don’t. I feel that this piece makes many valid points and forces the reader to ask many questions. Unfortunately what is missing is the factContinue reading “Do the protesters care about real democracy?”