What Part Of Don’t Travel Do You Not Understand?

My next-door neighbour (or neighbor as they prefer), the USA, is a huge country. With a population of some 350 million people, and rising, it is a vast land. It is strong, patriotic, and advanced. Yet it also has one of the highest per-capita rates of COVID-19 in the world. According to Johns Hopkins UniversityContinue reading “What Part Of Don’t Travel Do You Not Understand?”

Airlines’ Preferred Seating Scam

  I am not an experienced traveler. For various circumstances, I did very little traveling for many years. Things have now changed and my wife and I are venturing out into the broader world. We have just returned from a week in Ireland; my wife’s 60th birthday present to me. Over the next little while,Continue reading “Airlines’ Preferred Seating Scam”

It’s Always Open Season On Tourists

Which is why I always wonder why, if cities, towns, countries, cherish the infusion of outside cash, is it always open-season on tourists? I could never be accused of being a world traveller. I’m much more a homebody, preferring the creature comforts of my little niche in the world. Yet lately I’ve been making foraysContinue reading “It’s Always Open Season On Tourists”

Costa Rican Civility

After three weeks in Costa Rica it has occurred to me that, aside from the physical beauty, the concept of civility is what has struck me most. This should not come as a surprise, considering this country celebrates the disbanding of its military in favour of education. I’ll provide more about this in a futureContinue reading “Costa Rican Civility”

London Tube To Operate Overnight – At Last

A couple of weeks ago those who oversee the London Tube tried something new; overnight service on a couple of lines. This came as a surprise to me. I figured that a city the size of London would routinely offer 24-hour subway service, in fact I thought that many years ago when I sure couldContinue reading “London Tube To Operate Overnight – At Last”

Canada and the USA; Some Subtle Cultural Differences

On our recent visit to the US, my significantly better half and I were discussing the various cultural differences we had encountered. No doubt we Canadians share more commonalities with our southern neighbors than differences, but there are some subtle variations that are an armchair sociologist’s delight! I am not implying that the waiters andContinue reading “Canada and the USA; Some Subtle Cultural Differences”

Avoid Big Travel Sites if You’re Looking For a Motel, Not a Hotel

As I wrote earlier we went on a little vacation recently. We found lovely accommodation and, weather aside, had a great time. Being a big proponent of the vast resources of the Internet, I tried to track down information online regarding a suitable motel. That’s mmmmMotel, not hotel. M not H. Not a great experience.Continue reading “Avoid Big Travel Sites if You’re Looking For a Motel, Not a Hotel”