The (Possible) Future of Baseball in Montreal

The following appeared in the Montreal Gazette today. Another very successful baseball weekend has taken place in Montreal. One that, upon reflection, speaks volumes about how the city has evolved. Over one hundred thousand fans ponied up to watch two games between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox. The nostalgia was thicker thanContinue reading “The (Possible) Future of Baseball in Montreal”

Toronto Blue Jays and the Curse of the Gloat

The Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals begin the 2015 American League Championship Series tonight in KC. The Jays have been rolling along nicely since dropping the first two games to Texas in the ALDS, only to come back and take three straight. But did they overdo things in their celebrating? An alien justContinue reading “Toronto Blue Jays and the Curse of the Gloat”

Are the Toronto Blue Jays Canada’s Team?

The only thing better than September baseball is October baseball. If you have been following Major League Baseball you know that the Toronto Blue Jays hold a slim lead over the New York Yankees as we enter the homestretch. ¬†Whether they win their division or a wild card spot, the chances of them making theContinue reading “Are the Toronto Blue Jays Canada’s Team?”

Beanballs: Dumb and Dumber

If you are a baseball fan you will no doubt be familiar with last weekend’s nasty game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals. After several batters were hit by pitches, and players from both teams were ejected, the match degenerated into a dugout-clearing altercation. What part of throwing your only weapon atContinue reading “Beanballs: Dumb and Dumber”