Are Local Newspapers Doomed?

In a recent column, her last, Montreal Gazette city editor Peggy Curran announced that she was leaving the paper. After 36 years she felt it was time to call it quits. She is going to spend some time looking at the world from a yellow kayak, once things thaw I assume. Although I have onlyContinue reading “Are Local Newspapers Doomed?”

Audio Link To DCMontreal CJAD Interview

Here’s a link to my interview on CJAD News 800 Montreal regarding the changing fan-base  of the Montreal Canadiens. I think it’s OK, not too bad, acceptable? I hope you can give it a listen! DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this andContinue reading “Audio Link To DCMontreal CJAD Interview”

DCMontreal In Print And On Radio: Analysis of Changing Habs Fans

In today’s The Gazette I have been fortunate enough to have my submission selected as the Letter of the Week. The letter, about the changing fan-base of the Montreal Canadiens, is below.  I will be interviewed by Aaron Rand on Montreal’s CJAD 800 radio this evening at 6:35 EDT (22:35 GMT).  I hope you canContinue reading “DCMontreal In Print And On Radio: Analysis of Changing Habs Fans”

My newspaper needs a Mohel; Bring back front page news and keep ads inside

Front page news should be just that, on the front page! I sometimes think of these wrap-around ads as a foreskin, and I imagine many people are treating it as such by ripping it off and throwing it away. My local daily newspaper, Montreal’s The Gazette, was founded in 1778 and has, over the years,Continue reading “My newspaper needs a Mohel; Bring back front page news and keep ads inside”

PQ sends mixed message with announcement of candidate Djemila Benhabib

At first the Parti Québécois’ announcement of a woman candidate in Trois-Rivières, Djemila Benhabib, who was raised in Algeria appears to be a breath of fresh air.  However, according to Don Macpherson’s column in The Gazette, things are not as fresh as they may seem. Many local voters admit to not being terribly keen onContinue reading “PQ sends mixed message with announcement of candidate Djemila Benhabib”

Mob rule or student strike?

Two great columns on the current student “strike” in Quebec. Rex Murphy in The National Post starts off by writing: “Whatever justification the foolishly called student “strike” in Montreal may have had — and I’m inclined to believe it was precious little — it now has none, absolutely none.”   While in The Gazette DonContinue reading “Mob rule or student strike?”