Technology Can Cut Both Ways

In general I like the services provided by Canada Post. With fewer folks using the old mail system, the post office has tried to keep up with things to remain relevant. ¬†Ironically this includes using the same technology that is cutting into their business. Sometimes this technology can cut both ways. Phew, said I, thatContinue reading “Technology Can Cut Both Ways”

Keep Your Eyes On The Road; Surf The Internet At Home

There can be no question about the rapid advance of technology. And nowhere is it more evident than in automobiles. Wonderful safety features are now available including blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, lane departure warning systems, and even a car that will stop itself should it sense an imminent collision. Once upon a timeContinue reading “Keep Your Eyes On The Road; Surf The Internet At Home”

Daily Prompt: Obsolete Technology

For today’s Daily Prompt theme: Going Obsolete, Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most? I have decided to take a futuristic look at things. The technology I will miss the most is my iPhone which will become obsolete after I hurl it out theContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Obsolete Technology”

The Sad Demise of the Screensaver

You can see my guest blog at Life as a Human on the sad demise of the once proud screensaver! Offices full of workstations that have been abandoned during lunchtime or coffee break had enough flashing and flickering movement on the PC screens to bring on a seizure. Among the early favourites were bursting fireworks,Continue reading “The Sad Demise of the Screensaver”