Montreal Teacher Awarded $1M in Teacher Defamation Case

In a recent case of the legal system getting it right, a Montreal teacher won a $1.2 million settlement in a dispute with the parents of a former student. In 2005 the parents claimed that the teacher, Mary Kanavaros of Roslyn School, had humiliated their nine-year old son. The parents launched a suit against theContinue reading “Montreal Teacher Awarded $1M in Teacher Defamation Case”

Mexican teachers rampage; Thatcher and Reagan

Teachers in Mexico’s Guerrero State have gone on strike and on a rampage in protest of the approval  by the state legislature of a recently passed federal law, that would see teachers evaluated by a nationalized teaching test. Mexican President  Enrique Pena Nieto‘s law would see teachers assessed by a standardized test, rather than the currentContinue reading “Mexican teachers rampage; Thatcher and Reagan”

Finland, a world leader in education

Can you imagine a land where teachers, those folks to whom we entrust our most valuable asset, our children, are treated with the same esteem as doctors and lawyers? Resisting any and all cheap lawyer jokes, I can assure you such a place exists – Finland. Not only are teachers well thought of, but theContinue reading “Finland, a world leader in education”