More Montreal Uber Reaction

A few days ago I wrote a witty post about the Uber ride-sharing opting to leave Quebec unless certain regulations were dropped. It seems the government is going to stick to its guns and consider all those taxi drivers who paid a fortune for a license. I have often heard the term entitled used toContinue reading “More Montreal Uber Reaction”

Good Riddance to Uber

Yesterday the ride-sharing company Uber announced it will cease operations in Quebec next month unless the government lifts the 35-hour training requirement. For the last year, the company has been operating on a trial basis that expires in October. Obviously, it is no coincidence that the service will call it quits at that time. WhenContinue reading “Good Riddance to Uber”

Ottawa City Council Caves to Uber

After months of rejection the city councilors of Ottawa on Wednesday voted to allow taxi services such as Uber. There was one dissenting vote among the twenty-four cast. Bravo Eli El-Chantiry. Unlike many of my friends south of the border, I like regulations. I like big government keeping an eye on things I have alwaysContinue reading “Ottawa City Council Caves to Uber”

Uber Taxi Service Uber-Gouges Clients

Uber: to an extreme or excessive degree                        The Uber taxi alternative has been getting lots of media attention over the last year or so. Most of it positive. That is until the recent New Year’s Eve debacle. SinceContinue reading “Uber Taxi Service Uber-Gouges Clients”

Montreal Taxi Drivers Must Open Doors for Passengers

It just gets tougher and tougher to be a taxi driver these days. As if navigating never-ending road work detours in an effort to provide good service, after having shelled out over $200,000 to get a taxi permit in the first place was not bad enough, Montreal city council has just passed a law thatContinue reading “Montreal Taxi Drivers Must Open Doors for Passengers”