Dealing With The Heat – Sort Of

If you listen to folks on radio talk shows, or in grocery stores, one theme – other than COVID-19 – can be heard repeatedly: the heat. Montreal always has a heatwave or two during our all too short summers, but this year has been exceptionally hot and humid. I’m not sure if meteorological data backsContinue reading “Dealing With The Heat – Sort Of”

Checkers: Harbinger of Summer

I have lived all of my 56 years on a street that borders a lovely park. On average I would imagine I have visited the park at least once a day. It plays a major role in my life. Smack in the centre of the park is a game area. After a couple of decadesContinue reading “Checkers: Harbinger of Summer”

Let’s Not Short Change Ourselves On Summer

It may well be August 31st but the cicadas evidently didn’t get the memo that this signals the end of summer. They are singing their little hearts out with the temperature still up in the eighties and the level of humidity enough to require many brows to be mopped. We spend too many months payingContinue reading “Let’s Not Short Change Ourselves On Summer”