Indy 500

It is the Memorial Day weekend in the US and that means the Indianapolis 500 race will take place on Sunday. Along with the Masters  golf tournament and the Kentucky Derby this is another harbinger of summer. I hope that the race goes smoothly and safely but if it does have to be stopped, andContinue reading “Indy 500”

Politics, politicians and education – a far reaching concern

The impact of politics and politicians on education has been a hot topic in Quebec for at least 14 weeks now. In his latest column Andres Oppenheimer has another angle on the subject, but from a different part of the world: Politics crippling Latin American universities

Montreal bans masks at protests

The latest development in the never-ending student situation in Quebec is a new law banning masks at protests as reported in The Gazette. I always like to read the comments left by others to get a bit of a feel for the issue and this article is no different. It is worth sifting through theContinue reading “Montreal bans masks at protests”

Student emperors have no clothes – no, not another “nearly naked” protest…

This opinion piece by The Gazette‘s Don Macpherson is interesting not only for its content, but for the comments that follow. One comment in particular caught my eye: Come on down to the USA students! Everyone in North America is laughing at you and your ridiculous demands.

Never ending Quebec student situation

The apparently never ending Quebec student strike/boycott is front and center in the news yet again today. I sense fatigue setting in on the part of the general public – and certainly Mayor Tremblay is exasperated. I hope some sanity can be restored before something drastic occurs. Related articles Mob rule or student strike? ( reading “Never ending Quebec student situation”

Declare convocation ceremonies “Non Protest” zones

As I was strolling along a very misty Sherbrooke Street this morning I noticed that McGill’s lower campus is being prepared for spring convocations. White pavilions – beer tents to me!! – are being installed in preparation for the convocations that begin on June 1stand go on for about a week. I then wondered whatContinue reading “Declare convocation ceremonies “Non Protest” zones”