Montreal To Allow – Recognize? – Rear Bus Door Entry

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is introducing a new wrinkle that is aimed at getting people on buses faster. They will allow passengers with unlimited passes – weekly, monthly, four-month or yearly – to board buses via the rear door. Commuters with a single fare or those paying cash will still have toContinue reading “Montreal To Allow – Recognize? – Rear Bus Door Entry”

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Off The Bus!

Living in Canada you get used to weather-related comments and jokes. But of course they all focus on just how cold and miserable it can be here during the winter. No doubt our winters can be really cold and, perhaps worse, very long, to say nothing of dark. If a Canadian winter followed the calendarContinue reading “If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Off The Bus!”

Montreal woman fined for not having exact change on bus; just a bit embarrassing

Montreal has a pretty good public transit system; not perfect by any means, but still pretty good. Now and then an item makes it to the news about some rogue transit employee giving a commuter a hard time. This being Quebec most of these incidents involve language, and in particular a refusal to speak English.Continue reading “Montreal woman fined for not having exact change on bus; just a bit embarrassing”

Montreal public transit workers under a microscope

Reading about the recent complaints lodged by STM riders I consider myself very lucky. As a fairly regular user of both bus and Metro I don’t think I have ever had any real problems with “customer service” issues (that may well be because I am white and male – but Anglo). For the most partContinue reading “Montreal public transit workers under a microscope”