One of Ireland’s best exports; Tommy Tiernan

On this St. Patrick’s Day weekend when thoughts turn to the Emerald Isle, the Auld Sod, one can’t help but think of all the great things that have come from Ireland. Countless writers – poets, authors and lyricists – musicians, artists and orators. From James Joyce to Brendan Behan to Roddy Doyle; from The ChieftansContinue reading “One of Ireland’s best exports; Tommy Tiernan”

A true harbinger of Spring: a green line

For some it’s the news of one or all of several ground hogs not seeing their shadows. For others it’s the first tulip or crocus poking its head out of the ground, perhaps a snow covered ground at that. But for Montrealers the only true harbinger of spring is the painting of a fresh greenContinue reading “A true harbinger of Spring: a green line”

Celtic dourness; Irish and Scottish

As we enter the period of solemn preparation – no not Lent, that started weeks ago – the week leading up to St. Patrick’s day, there’s a great piece in the New York Times by playwright John Patrick Shanley. The Darkness of an Irish Morning recalls the author’s trip to Ireland with his aging father to visit relatives andContinue reading “Celtic dourness; Irish and Scottish”

Corned Beef: Combine, brine, confine, dine … divine

It being the beginning of March, the time has come to start preparing the traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage. Not that anything is going in the oven just yet, but the brisket will today be submerged in a pool of brine so that come eating time it will be fall-apartContinue reading “Corned Beef: Combine, brine, confine, dine … divine”