Montreal Police Don Camouflage Pants: Protest Meets Comfort

The government of the Province of Quebec has introduced legislation, Bill 3, that will change the way public employee pension funds are financed. The government wants to make it an equitable system with 50% of the funds coming from the employees themselves, in the form of pay cheque deductions, and 50% from taxpayers. Currently theContinue reading “Montreal Police Don Camouflage Pants: Protest Meets Comfort”

Montreal news media miss community drama

Please see update below Streets closed for several hours, troubled man leaves peacefully  I’ll never understand the news media. Take Saturday for instance. I live in a vibrant little community on the doorstep of downtown Montreal where sunny summer Saturdays are usually taken up with kids’ soccer and the household chores such as shopping andContinue reading “Montreal news media miss community drama”