Quebec Linguistic Oddity

As we wind-down the 2014 Quebec election campaign and get ready to actually cast ballots on Monday, the only poll that counts, the country’s media is chock-a-block with coverage. Nice to feel wanted! Here’s a fun little linguistic tidbit – no, not that sort of linguistic problem – let’s leave those aside until at leastContinue reading “Quebec Linguistic Oddity”

Quebec Elections: One Trick Ponies

Matthew Hays’ excellent op-ed, Opinion: True confessions of a diehard anglo leftie, in today’s The Gazette illustrates yet again what many people in the other Canadian provinces don’t understand: the political arena in Quebec is different from any other province (I dare not use the word distinct). The electors of Quebec, both sovereignist and federalist, areContinue reading “Quebec Elections: One Trick Ponies”