World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!

What in the name of St. Pele has FIFA gone and done? Amid never-ending accusations of match-fixing, FIFA has action by banning the use of vuvuzelas at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In an attempt to maintain a ”Stadium Code of Conduct”, these noise makers that were so popular four years ago in SouthContinue reading “World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!”

Nelson Mandela’s passing should be solemn not circus

I hope he will be remembered for the great things he accomplished, and not for the circus his last days have become The headlines about former South African President Nelson Mandela range from the respectful to the lurid: Nelson Mandela on life support, court documents show – USA Today Source: Nelson Mandela on dialysis, butContinue reading “Nelson Mandela’s passing should be solemn not circus”

Tourist speaks of ‘nightmare’ attack by two cheetahs

I’m not a big fan of zoos to begin with, and this story from South Africa is yet another example of people doing dumb things and innocent animals being endangered. A woman is “attacked” by cheetahs; were the cheetahs walking down her street and just turned on her? Were they in a mall and jumpedContinue reading “Tourist speaks of ‘nightmare’ attack by two cheetahs”