Amber Alert Success!

The power of social media is evident in so many ways. One often hears of the role played by Facebook in various uprisings and movements in undemocratic places. But it’s not just on a large-scale that the WWW can be of assistance.  In the  city of Trois-Rivières, between Montreal and Quebec City, a baby wasContinue reading “Amber Alert Success!”

Venezuela: The Whole World is Watching

Clearly the government of Venezuela doesn’t want you to know what’s going on there. Unfortunately for Maduro and his cohorts things have changed and it is no longer a simple task to quell the growing voice of Venezuelans. As the situation on the streets of Venezuelan cities deteriorates, with unarmed students being shot at andContinue reading “Venezuela: The Whole World is Watching”

Egypt emergency: Social media trumps network news

On several occasions I have blogged about what I refer to as the attempt, by several media outlets, to sanitize the news. In one instance I mentioned CNN’s coverage of the manhunt for Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and in particular how, when things looked like they were coming to a head, reporter Deborah Feyerick  informedContinue reading “Egypt emergency: Social media trumps network news”