Venezuelan Opposition Protestors Fight for Rights and International Attention

Unfortunately for the protesters the whole world is watching the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, … or the situation in Kiev, Ukraine. The situation in Venezuela is deteriorating rapidly. The daily confrontations in the streets between opposition protesters and government forces have resulted in four deaths so far, all of them on the opposition side, andContinue reading “Venezuelan Opposition Protestors Fight for Rights and International Attention”

Venezuela: The Whole World is Watching

Clearly the government of Venezuela doesn’t want you to know what’s going on there. Unfortunately for Maduro and his cohorts things have changed and it is no longer a simple task to quell the growing voice of Venezuelans. As the situation on the streets of Venezuelan cities deteriorates, with unarmed students being shot at andContinue reading “Venezuela: The Whole World is Watching”

Venezuelans Take to the Streets in Protest

Here’s an interesting look at what’s going on in Venezuela while the eyes of the world are trained on Russia and the Sochi Winter Olympic games. Will these protests continue until the rest of the world notices, much like recent events in the Middle-East? Or will the government of Nicolás Maduro succeed in suppressing theContinue reading “Venezuelans Take to the Streets in Protest”