Drones Add New Angles to Sochi Games Coverage

I think Aussie would have liked these things, and not just because he had a tendency to drone on … and on … and on about his many afflictions and gripes! There is an interesting article in The Atlantic’s online edition about the use of drones. The same unmanned beasts that are so controversial whenContinue reading “Drones Add New Angles to Sochi Games Coverage”

Sochi Hockey Polls

For those of us in Canada, when it comes to the Winter Olympics the main event is Hockey because as the inventors of the game we feel our teams – men and women – must win. Other countries, particularly our neighbors to the south, the USA, have become very competitive over the years, and nowContinue reading “Sochi Hockey Polls”

Olympics and Sleep: You Winsome and You Luge Some

I would have medaled, probably repeatedly, had sleeping been an Olympic event. With the Sochi Olympics in full swing I’ve been wondering what sport I would have excelled at had I been so inclined when younger. Let’s be honest, Olympic games are all about youth, winsome smiles seen through hockey cages, childlike exuberance and apparentContinue reading “Olympics and Sleep: You Winsome and You Luge Some”

Coca-Cola’s Multilingual Superbowl Ad Gets a Mixture of Reactions

Would America the Beautiful sung in either of the two Seminole languages, …or the language spoken by the Cherokee Nation have received the same reaction? Would they have been told to speak English or go home? That could be tricky! Living here in what I thought was the land of linguistic silliness, namely the CanadianContinue reading “Coca-Cola’s Multilingual Superbowl Ad Gets a Mixture of Reactions”