The Conspiracy to Make Hockey Soccer

I enjoy watching sports on television. Not binge-type watching, but a bit here and there. I enjoy baseball, football, a bit of basketball and soccer and, of course, as a good Montrealer my favourite is hockey. There is a very popular sport called football in most of the world, and soccer here in North America.Continue reading “The Conspiracy to Make Hockey Soccer”

Penguins, Viagra and Soccer

A recent piece in the New York Times addressed the declining African Penguin population. These guys are down 60% over the last few years and scientists are struggling to determine the reason. In an American zoo the pairing of two such penguins started off slowly, but they seem to be making progress now. I haveContinue reading “Penguins, Viagra and Soccer”

Laura Bassett: Soccer’s Cruel Scorecard

The more I watch soccer (football for the rest of the world), the less I understand. Which is odd when you consider that, as a Canadian, I’ve had a steady diet of hockey which bears some resemblance to soccer. The player who unfortunately put the puck into his or her own net is not ‘officially’Continue reading “Laura Bassett: Soccer’s Cruel Scorecard”

A Letter To FIFA; Just a Few Suggestions

Dear FIFA, Thank you so very much for a wonderful World Cup 2014 in Brazil. During the past month I have been wrapped up in the competition on a daily basis and have watched enough football games to last me … well … about four years. And therein lies perhaps your only problem; the lackContinue reading “A Letter To FIFA; Just a Few Suggestions”

World Cup 2014, Fair Play, and a 7-1 Match Result

But tell me, what part of fair play, role modeling, and Beautiful involves running up the score to 7 goals? Okay, it’s been a few days since the German drubbing of host-country Brazil in the semi-final of FIFA’s World Cup 2014. FIFA has long touted their support of fair play, particularly at its flagship event.Continue reading “World Cup 2014, Fair Play, and a 7-1 Match Result”

The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood

At one time the suggestion that soccer would usurp softball as the sport of choice for boys and girls during the summer would have been met with derisive chuckles. Yet there it is. With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil wrapping up this weekend much has have been written and said about the state ofContinue reading “The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood”

World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!

What in the name of St. Pele has FIFA gone and done? Amid never-ending accusations of match-fixing, FIFA has action by banning the use of vuvuzelas at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In an attempt to maintain a ”Stadium Code of Conduct”, these noise makers that were so popular four years ago in SouthContinue reading “World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!”

UPDATED Quebec: Turbines yes, Turbans no

UPDATE: The Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) announced it has reversed its ban on players wearing turbans or related religious headwear on the pitch, saying it is pleased with the international soccer body’s clarification on the issue, and it’s “deeply sorry” if anyone was offended. Quebec is open to turbines for electricity, but not turbans onContinue reading “UPDATED Quebec: Turbines yes, Turbans no”