Hydrant or School Crossing Guard?

I have often been asked by visitors why our fire hydrants appear to be holding little stop signs on a pole. Are they the latest in technology, acting as school crossing guards when not in use fighting fires? Or did the city run out of actual stop signs and use the hydrant as a substitute? No, thatContinue reading “Hydrant or School Crossing Guard?”

Montreal: A Winter Wonderland

With upwards of 25 centimetres of snow expected over the next day or so in Montreal, a White Christmas seems assured. Mind you, telling motorists this as they slogged through wet snow and slop this morning on their way to work may have resulted in language not suited to a pretty Winter Wonderland-like day! NotContinue reading “Montreal: A Winter Wonderland”

Mother Nature can be a cruel bitch; late season snowstorm hits Montreal

Montreal is currently in the throes of that most wicked of all natural phenomena (okay .. maybe not the most wicked), the late-spring snowstorm. Like a sharp, unannounced kick to the cojones, this  white monster hits when you think you’re safe. The cruelty of a late winter, dare I say early spring, snowstorm can beContinue reading “Mother Nature can be a cruel bitch; late season snowstorm hits Montreal”