Snow Clearing Etiquette

Welcome to 2020! Yesterday in Montreal it snowed. Normally that would not be worth mentioning given it’s December in Canada. But in our global warming current world Montreal has seen less snow over the years. Perhaps it’s the reduced amount of snow that affected the snow removal contractor who cleared the wet white stuff fromContinue reading “Snow Clearing Etiquette”

How Public Officials Should Handle Mistakes

The excerpt below from the Montreal Gazette illustrates the proper way for public officials to handle making a mistake – admit it, adapt and move on. The city of Montreal, which intended to let the past week’s snowfall melt, has now reversed it’s (sic) decision and will start clearing streets Sunday evening.  The head ofContinue reading “How Public Officials Should Handle Mistakes”

Montreal’s Snow Woes

As I mentioned Montreal was hit with a large late-winter snowstorm last week. As a city that tends to take great pride in our ability to deal with these things, this most recent storm has been a bit of an anomaly. First there was the fiasco of hundreds of people stranded on a highway for manyContinue reading “Montreal’s Snow Woes”

The Time For Truck Sideguards Is Now

Early on the evening on Monday, December 19, 2005 I was waiting for my then-girlfriend-now-wife to arrive for supper. I decided to dash across the street to a little convenience store, probably for beer. As I walked out of my apartment building I noticed an unusually high volume of traffic, even for rush-hour, streaming downContinue reading “The Time For Truck Sideguards Is Now”

Abandoned Scooter Survives Snow Removal

Yesterday was the day after the first significant snowfall of the year. That means yesterday was the first snow removal day of the year. As I understand it, the city must give folks 12 hours advance notice regarding no parking restrictions. So if your street is to be cleared between 7:00 am and 7:00 pmContinue reading “Abandoned Scooter Survives Snow Removal”

The McDonald’s Approach to Snow Removal: Clean Your Own Sidewalk

As North America’s northeast digs out from a whopper of a snowfall, there is one topic that, not surprisingly, often comes up at these times and that is snow clearing and removal. That’s clearing and removal; two different beasts. The difference is simple, clearing involves pushing the fallen snow out of the way to allowContinue reading “The McDonald’s Approach to Snow Removal: Clean Your Own Sidewalk”

Snow Removal Etiquette; Don’t Plow Me In!

Yesterday and overnight a significant amount of snow fell on Montreal. Between 20 and 30 centimetres depending on your source. Plows have been out non-stop clearing streets and sidewalks as per usual in this city which has an annual snow-removal budget of some one-billion dollars. One rule that does stand the test of time andContinue reading “Snow Removal Etiquette; Don’t Plow Me In!”

Feuding Neighbors Create “Sno-Man’s” Land

During World War One – the Great War – trench warfare was the order of the day. Long muddy trenches formed the front lines of battle as bombs fell and occasional forays were launched from both sides. One-hundred years ago the combatants were dug-in and engaged in deadly fighting.  The strip of land that ranContinue reading “Feuding Neighbors Create “Sno-Man’s” Land”

Winter road salt trucks and safety

Recently I posted about that great Canadian winter icon the snowblower. In a similar vein CBC did a piece on a City of Westmount salt truck. I believe the aim of the item was the safety features that these large trucks now feature. Following the tragic accident in December of 2005 in which a 21-yearContinue reading “Winter road salt trucks and safety”