Third Parties Just Aren’t What They Used To Be

In the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic my wife and I, like millions of others, went in search of hand sanitizer and latex gloves. Given the great demand, there were none to be found anywhere.  … we understood it would take a bit longer to receive our goods under the current circumstances. ThatContinue reading “Third Parties Just Aren’t What They Used To Be”

Will Downtown Montreal’s New Normal Become Just Normal?

Downtown Montreal is all ready for the first weekend in the latest phase of COVID-19 related deconfinement; one that allows stores with dedicated street entrances to reopen. If your store is in a mall you are still out of luck. Welcome to downtown Montreal. Please spend your hard-earned dollars in our stores. So sorry youContinue reading “Will Downtown Montreal’s New Normal Become Just Normal?”

Sucking The Life Out Of Downtown Montreal One Parking Spot At A Time

We are now well into the month of December. While many may lament the too early appearance of Christmas decorations in stores in November (October?), all bets are now off. Seasonal shopping is in full swing; decorated windows, street lights, and pretty much anything that does not move are now deemed fair play. But nowContinue reading “Sucking The Life Out Of Downtown Montreal One Parking Spot At A Time”

Exceptional Enforcement of Supermarket Rule

If you read this blog regularly you know that I have had my share of supermarket incidents including the BBQ chicken knock down. I am quick to criticise so it behooves me to be equally prompt in praising those who do the correct thing. Yesterday I witnessed an exceptional display of the proper enforcement ofContinue reading “Exceptional Enforcement of Supermarket Rule”

Checkout Scoundrels: Coin Counters and Over Shoppers!

I was moved to blog today by the comic below that appeared in my morning newspaper. One of my favorite pet peeves has to do not with actually shopping, but with checking-out afterward. I don’t mean just the pain of parting with my hard-earned dollars, but the agony of having to wait in line toContinue reading “Checkout Scoundrels: Coin Counters and Over Shoppers!”

Black Friday and 300th blog post – two reasons to celebrate

Please see news release below regarding 300th blog post and celebratory retail sales: (Montreal – November 23, 2012) Today I am pleased to present this,  my 300th blog post. There have been some funny posts and some sad ones, short ones and long ones. Thanks for all your “likes”, I hope to continue to meritContinue reading “Black Friday and 300th blog post – two reasons to celebrate”