Selfie is Word of the Year – here’s a famous historical selfie

The folks at the Oxford Dictionary have bestowed the honor of ‘Word of the Year’ on Selfie. That popular term for creating an image of yourself by holding your smart phone up and snapping away, or using a mirror. New word? Sure. New concept? Hardly. Below is an example of a famous Selfie from 1889Continue reading “Selfie is Word of the Year – here’s a famous historical selfie”

Selfie found on iPhone

I foolishly left my iPhone unlocked last night and this morning I found this selfie of Ferguson. He swears up and down that it’s for his Canadian Pussport, but I think he’s up to something! I’ve been searching for a FelineMingle dating site but to no avail. Daily Post DCMontreal is a Montreal writer bornContinue reading “Selfie found on iPhone”