Backpacks Briefcases and Buses

The other day I found myself on a crowded city bus. It was mid-afternoon and many of my fellow commuters were college or university students. At one point the bus became so cramped that the driver had to insist on those carrying/wearing backpacks to remove them. Put them on the floor between your feet. Don’t take upContinue reading “Backpacks Briefcases and Buses”

School Principal’s Less Than Magnetic Personality

It’s the first day of school. As I have mentioned in another post, I don’t believe I ever returned to school before hearing Jerry Lewis close out his annual Labour Day telethon by singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. Fifty years ago I was entering grade three. I still live around the corner from the schoolContinue reading “School Principal’s Less Than Magnetic Personality”

Consider teacher turnover rate when choosing a school

Comfortable, fairly treated teachers in well-equipped schools teach well while those poorly treated don’t. It’s Open House season for schools as they try to maintain or, ideally, increase their enrollment for next year. Selecting a school for your child can be a complex endeavor. But there is an important aspect to consider that may notContinue reading “Consider teacher turnover rate when choosing a school”