Like Sting I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too

It’s been a scary time. Over the last few years, we have managed to deal with a deadly pandemic, only to find ourselves on the brink of a disaster in Ukraine, one that has already created a humanitarian crisis as innocent Ukrainian citizens either flee for their lives or stay and fight a much biggerContinue reading “Like Sting I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too”

Surreal: Trump, Russian Hacking and Life Imitates Art

There’s an old saying about a person who is too close, too involved in a situation to see it as it really is. It is often said that they can’t see the forest for the trees. As we put 2016 behind us and approach the January 20th inauguration of now President Elect Donald Trump IContinue reading “Surreal: Trump, Russian Hacking and Life Imitates Art”

Tell Me The World Isn’t Going To Hell In A Handcart … Please

One hundred years ago the world was slipping into a vortex that has been called The Great War and the War to end all wars. Some thirty years later it would come to be called by its more common name, the First World War, or WWI. Seemingly relatively small events in eastern Europe – primarilyContinue reading “Tell Me The World Isn’t Going To Hell In A Handcart … Please”

Sochi Olympic Games Poll

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia are now over. Thankfully all went well from a security standpoint and the organizers are being praised. The same organizers who were being raked over the coals just two weeks ago when it appeared all was not ready for the arrival of the world. In retrospect what didContinue reading “Sochi Olympic Games Poll”

Sochi Olympics: Sadly security to be the main feature

With the 2014 Olympic Games set to open on February 7 in Sochi, Russia I wonder if the Russians are stating to regret the whole thing as it appears they are going to be in for a rough time. I’m not referring to the actual games and competitions, which should be the focus of theContinue reading “Sochi Olympics: Sadly security to be the main feature”

Syria’s chemical weapons create job openings

Now that the diplomats are close to an agreement that would see Syria turn over its chemical weapon stockpile, the hard part begins. Step one is finding someone to do it. I suggest the following advertisement. This bit of satire fits in well with today’s Daily Prompt. DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raisedContinue reading “Syria’s chemical weapons create job openings”