Running With EarPods Akin to Waterboarding

Although we had an easy winter, Mother Nature’s last few kicks at the can left many Montrealers worrying that spring would never arrive. But it did, as it has, to varying degrees, pretty much every year. For me the raison d’etre of running is to work up a good sweat. Exuding  all those toxins (read:Continue reading “Running With EarPods Akin to Waterboarding”

Stolen Running Shoes Update

Just last week I blogged about the sad disappearance of my comfy running shoes. Hoping that they would somehow show up on my doorstep, that it was all just a misunderstanding, proved fruitless. I hope whoever has them does not trip and break a limb. However something did appear at my door, in exactly theContinue reading “Stolen Running Shoes Update”

Terry Fox Run: Montreal Fundraiser Carl Andersen Set To Pass 100,000 Running Miles

If all goes according to plan, on September 14th long-time Montreal ultra-runner Carl Andersen will, like thousands of others across Canada, run 10 kilometres in the annual Terry Fox fundraising event. What makes Carl stand out among these runners isn’t just that he’s 78 years old, but that at about the six kilometre point inContinue reading “Terry Fox Run: Montreal Fundraiser Carl Andersen Set To Pass 100,000 Running Miles”

Runner’s Nipple Solution

I’ve been running daily for the better part of twenty years. Certainly not competitively but as a means of exercise. During that time I’ve suffered from the various minor afflictions common to the amateur runner, including shin splints, Plantar fasciitis and of course blisters. I have, fortunately, said while touching wood, avoided the more seriousContinue reading “Runner’s Nipple Solution”