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British Navy Using Spears Against Pirates



This post is ideal for Halloween, as it includes pirates, sailors and a princess! Here’s a little treat for you.

In an attempt to thwart Somali pirates the British Navy has resorted to the use of Spears. The British Navy is playing dirty pool to combat the pirates; they’re blasting Britney Spears‘ music across the bow of pirate ships! But before you jump to the conclusion Spears’ music was deemed particularly offensive (perhaps the pirates would have enjoyed some J-Lo or Pitbull) her music was selected, as  Merchant naval officer Rachel Owens explains, because  “These guys can’t stand western culture or music, making Britney’s hits perfect”. The Navy claims it had nothing to do with her being a “Brit”.

It’s sort of compliment … in a weird way.

Is Ms. Spears being recompensed for (her songs), or have they been … dare I say it … pirated?

So as the pirate ships approach, a volley of Oops! I Did it Again is launched and the pirates turn-tail and scarper. No harm to human life, no environmental damage, not a trace of destruction to marine life – the perfect solution.

The only question I have is are these songs being used legally? Is Ms. Spears being recompensed for them, or have they been … dare I say it … pirated?

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