Obama and Romney sprint to the finish; a media feeding frenzy

On this last Sunday before the US election the media is abuzz with final appeals and explanations from both candidates. Two such articles that caught my attention are Andres Oppenheimer’s column in the Miami Herald, 10 reasons why Latinos will vote for Obama and Drew Westen’s opinion piece in The New York Times, America’s LeftwardContinue reading “Obama and Romney sprint to the finish; a media feeding frenzy”

Mitt Romney and the Hispanic vote

Andres Oppenheimer’s article on Mitt Romney and the Hispanic vote from the Miami Herald.  The idea of telling different audiences different things may have worked in the days before mass media and social media on the Internet. Statements such as the one below imply that people don’t have the brains to follow what a candidateContinue reading “Mitt Romney and the Hispanic vote”