Glow Worms and Glimmer Twins

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is Glimmer.  According to Merriam Webster glimmer means: a : to shine faintly or unsteadily b : to give off a subdued unsteady reflection  But when I think of the word glimmer it brings to mind a musical theme. First, there was that good old glow worm the Mills Brothers sang about in the 1950s:Continue reading “Glow Worms and Glimmer Twins”

The Rolling Stones, Commas, and Painting Things Black

In 1966 the Rolling Stones released Paint It, Black – the comma being an error by Decca Records, but, nonetheless, stirred controversy among fans over its racial interpretation. In later issues, it was titled Paint It Black. The importance of commas … DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised whoContinue reading “The Rolling Stones, Commas, and Painting Things Black”

Montreal Grand Prix + Rolling Stones = Sunday traffic nightmare

What has  a quarter of a million ringing ears, big lips and lapping tongue, and goes very fast, then very slowly, if at all? Montreal on Grand Prix/Rolling Stones Sunday. Over the next few days tens of thousands of visitors will descend upon Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.  From small Bed & Breakfast establishmentsContinue reading “Montreal Grand Prix + Rolling Stones = Sunday traffic nightmare”

Toronto’s media frenzy; a real barrel of monkeys

City getting attention for all the wrong reasons It’s been a tough few weeks for my neighbours to the west in Toronto. For a city that craves notoriety and media attention (there are those who think the actual name of the city is Toronto-we’re-a-world-class-city; if you have to keep saying it …) they have beenContinue reading “Toronto’s media frenzy; a real barrel of monkeys”

Beatles were way ahead of their time … betrayal and scandal

With the launch of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary celebration there have been numerous installments of the “Stones or Beatles” debate. I’ll leave that for you to decide. What did strike me is the ability the Beatles, and in particular their lyricists Lennon/McCartney, had to almost foresee social situations and trends. The current situation inContinue reading “Beatles were way ahead of their time … betrayal and scandal”